How To Handle Criticism From A Bad Boss
(And Other Negative People)

Who this training is for...

If criticism is leaving you feeling disempowered, unacknowledged, rejected, or misunderstood you are not alone... and this training is for you.

Feeling invisible or disrespected at work can be soul-crushing.

Put-downs and criticism are particularly challenging for us as women because society has done its best to convince us that our opportunity and success hinge on being "likeable" (remember Hillary?)

But I'm here to drive home the fact that our empowerment actually lives in looking to ourselves for confidence, clarity, and certainty, NOT in looking for validation from our bosses, partners, and friends in order to experience confidence, clarity, and certainty.

This free training offers you immediate tools to help you manage disempowering interactions from a place of power, confidence, and poise, even if you're not quite feeling empowered, confident and poised.

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What You'll Learn...

  • How empowered, emotionally intelligent women respond to criticism, even if they're feeling unsure
  • How to drive the interaction so you can remain poised, confident, and in-control of the exchange
  • What to do to stop criticizers in their tracks
  • How to tell whether to ignore or respond to the criticism
  • Recognize the hidden reason we care what others think, even when we don't like or respect them

Meet Asia.

Hello! I'm Asia Bribiesca-Hedin and I'm an avid believer that "work is not supposed to hurt", and if it's done well, it even makes your life richer, so I coach on personal leadership growth and empowerment to help professionals bridge the gap between Bad Boss Blues and Bad Boss Breakthroughs. (See how I snuck that in there?)

I've spent much of my career advising business leaders in corporate America on how to convert their strategic priorities into real results and now I've realigned the strategy of Bridgewell LLC,  my company,  to bring my passion for transformation to help professionals survive and thrive no matter who they have as a boss. (Isn't that the ideal after all?! To be well in the midst of chaos?)

Working in a toxic environment can be soul-crushing, and it’s important to know you’re not alone.   My programs are designed to help you stop the struggle and put YOU back in control of your career and life.

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